A Day on the Greens


May 11, 2013 by Todd

One of the things that I was looking forward to when I set up Todd Street Lawyer was being able to play more golf, and having an excellent excuse for doing so (‘networking’).

Well, my first opportunity arrived last week at Kurri Kurri Golf Club (no, I didn’t know that Kurri had a golf club either).  The day was organised by the Hunter Region Business Enterprise Centre, an organisation which assists those who are starting up their own small business by offering services such as mentoring, skills training, and a business incubator service (federally funded subsidised business premises for small businesses).

Todd Street Lawyer

Fred, Wayne, Norm and yours truly

I had the opportunity to team up with Fred, Wayne and Norm who were representing Aboriginal Employment Strategy Ltd.  Fred and Norm were our distance guys off the tee.  I don’t remember seeing Wayne going too far off dead centre all day.  In between the occasional tee shot which hit the fairway, I did my best impression of Mitchell Johnson – to paraphrase the Barmy Army, I hit it to the left, I hit it to the right, those tee shots, they were ….  Well, this is a professional web site so it’s clearly not appropriate for me to finish that one off.  Suffice it to say, there was some bushwalking involved from time to time and I would have been hitting my second shot from the ladies tee once or twice if not for the four ball best ball ambrose format!

The day concluded with a nice little feed before prizes were awarded.  SOMEBODY (who will remain nameless) won pretty much every prize there was.  In spite of my best efforts, the AES-TSL dream team did not come last and therefore I did not get to add to my impressive last placed prize collection.  Maybe next time!

All in all, a great day.  One more thing – the day was held in support of Hunter Life Education.  Even those of us of my vintage will remember Happy Harold and the Hunter Life Education van which has made the trek to local primary schools for longer than we care to remember.  They look to educate kids about making good life choices and staying clear of drugs – a great purpose if there ever was one.  Check out their web site and support them with a donation if you can.

Happy golfing!



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