Why choose Todd Street Lawyer?

We know family law.  Todd is an Accredited Specialist in Family Law.  He has completed a Master of Applied Law in Family Law through the College of Law.  He is a registered family dispute resolution practitioner.

We know that the law can be confusing.  That is why we keep you updated every step of the way, in your language.

We know that the law can be confronting.  Todd is experienced in dealing with people who are at their most emotional.  He will show you compassion and understanding, while still providing you with clear and objective advice about your legal options.

At Todd Street Lawyer, we understand the confidence that you place in a lawyer or a family dispute resolution practitioner.  You will receive personal attention.  Your file will not be delegated to junior staff without your consent.  The practitioner you see at your first appointment will be the lawyer you see at your last appointment.

If you need to go to Court, we know that you need a lawyer who will be a strong advocate for you.  We will assist you to explore all options for resolving your matter.  However, Todd is experienced as a court lawyer and you can feel comfortable knowing that Todd will strongly put your case to the Court if that is necessary.

Let our knowledge be your edge.  Contact us today.