About Us

Todd Street Lawyer is a legal practice based in Thornton, New South Wales, servicing Thornton, the Hunter and surrounding areas.

Todd Street Lawyer believes that:

1. You deserve quality service and a thorough approach to your matter.

2. A good lawyer does not finish learning when they receive their law degree.  A good lawyer is a life-long learner, committed to keeping up with and ahead of emerging trends in the law.

3. The law is a profession, and not just a business.  A lawyer has a duty to to their client, to the courts, to other lawyers and to the community, each of which colours their desire to make a profit.

4. These beliefs should be implemented with friendliness, compassion and understanding, balanced with our duty to provide you with clear and objective advice about your matter.

More information about us is available as follows:

Our principal solicitor, Todd Street

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