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Todd has been practising law for more than 15 years.

Todd became an Accredited Specialist in Family Law in 2015.  This award is granted by the Law Society of New South Wales, and only to the small group of family lawyers who pass its rigorous assessment process.  It is a good objective indicator of the quality of a family lawyer.  Other family lawyers may tell you that they specialise in family law, but if they haven’t passed the Law Society’s test then they are not accredited specialists.  Accreditation makes all the difference.

Todd is now undertaking further postgraduate study towards a Master of Applied Law at the College of Law.  This has included further study in the areas of conveyancing, elder law, estate planning, and deceased estates (including applications for probate and letters of administration).

Todd is registered with the Attorney-General’s Department as a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and is able to issue section 60I certificates.  He can help you and your ex-partner resolve your family law parenting or property settlement dispute.

Todd is ably supported by his personal assistants Linda and Candice.  Both Linda and Candice are very experienced and very capable members of the Todd Street Lawyer team.

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