Todd becomes an Accredited Specialist in family law


November 13, 2015 by Todd

Perhaps you’ve separated from your partner, and you need to find out about your rights in relation to a property settlement.  Perhaps you’re in dispute with someone about parenting arrangements for children.  You need a lawyer.  How do you make sure you get the right one?  By choosing an Accredited Specialist.

The Specialist Accreditation Scheme was established by the Law Society of New South Wales in 1992.  Among other objectives, the aim of the Scheme is to provide the community with a reliable way of identifying lawyers who have proven expertise in their chosen area of law.

In 2015, Todd was awarded Specialist Accreditation in the area of family law.  He received the award after passing a rigorous course of assessment.  Read what the Law Society has to say about Accredited Specialists here.

If you’ve got a family law problem, you need an accredited specialist.  Let our knowledge be your edge.  Contact us now.


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