Power of Attorney – who should you appoint?


January 15, 2013 by Todd

You have decided to make a power of attorney, but you are wondering who to appoint. Here are some things to think about when deciding whether to appoint someone:

1. Are they trustworthy?  A power of attorney is a powerful document, and you should only appoint someone who you trust will do the right thing.

2. Are they willing and able to act as your attorney?

3. What skills do they have with money?  Do they look after their money well?

4. Do you want to have more than one person as your attorney?

5. If you appoint more than one attorney, are they going to be able to cooperate and communicate with each other?  What is the likelihood that there will be disputes between them when making decisions?

6. What happens if your first choice or choices as power of attorney cannot act?  Who do you want to have as your back-up options?

Make sure that you make the best decision.  Let our knowledge be your edge.  Contact us now for further information.


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